The Power Network

Social justice and citizenship is something that we should all actively strive for. It should not be an ideal that many carry in their hearts and heads but few implement. Social enterprises such as AspiNect allows a few generation of leaders and aspiring social entrepreneurs to be equipped in their pursuit of social justice in whatever form it may be.

My experiences have lead me to start a social enterprise which tackles educational inequality and combatting that by raising the level of educational efficiency in the schools. Education inequality, is defined as the difference in the level of attainment of students due to both geographical and socio-economic background. To simplify the jargon, this is a simple illustration of the haves and the have not’s, those who can afford to give their children the best possible education. The have-nots on the other hand can’t. Through The Power Network, I will be running an intensive programme which will support young BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) students to make informed decisions about the paths they’re going to take after sixth form. I believe that every child deserves the opportunity and the chance to start on an equal playing field, that should be equipped and supporting in making informed decisions. Students should be supported in developing themselves both professionally and socially. Thanks to AspiNect, I am able to do this, for that I am eternally grateful.

Running a summer school, held at York Law School this upcoming summer. It will be a 3-day programme which would include: academic workshops on exam technique, loving your subject and the UCAS application process and CV’s on Day 1. Day 2 will focus on other options they could take apart from university, exploring apprenticeships and various school leavers programme. The programme would finish off with a workshop in entrepreneurship and a panel discussion featuring some inspiring female future leaders.

We would also be working with the school to help run an UCAS checking service for our upper sixth form candidates within our partner schools alongside mentoring sessions each term. A winter networking event with professionals from some of their prospective career paths, as well as giving our candidates the ability to have an insight session at a corporate partner firm would wrap up the programme. I hope we will be able to see an increase in confidence and esteem in the girls we are working with, as well as the attainment of grades and university offers, apprenticeships and employment offers.
The impact of The Power Network will surely be positive on the community. We all need to do our bit to change the statistics as they stand. I hope to enlighten, motivate, empower and offer opportunities to talented young female BAME students. This will allow them to go forth and be a positive role model within their communities. We hope to be able to assess our successes and areas for improvement through a written report which will be sent out to our partners and sponsors to measure and capture the experiences of the ladies we will be working with. I urge you, whatever your dream may be, whatever social issue you want to tackle start now. We can all be the change we want to see.