It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. – Scott Belsky

Great initiatives like Aspinect Futures are minimal, and we need more to help young people make their ideas happen.

You see, young people have a plethora of ideas to improve their community but never have the platform and finances to do so. Seed Accelerators, Angel investors or Venture Capitalists require coherent and fully flushed business plans, which is valid in its own right. But, what about a young person with just an idea?
Aspinect Futures in the answer.
If you want to visualise what they do, think about a bridge. To cross from one side to another, a bridge must be present. Aspinect Futures bridges young entrepreneurs to a platform where they can execute these ideas with funding.

Taking part in the finalist event helped me develop my ability to pitch, negotiate, and answer questions in a pressured manner, all aspects that are key for any entrepreneur.
Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I was still grateful for taking part! More importantly, I learnt there is always room to improve, and constantly questioning your idea will only improve it.

As a runner up of the competition, I won a ticket to see Dan Priestley in action at his Campaign Driven Enterprise workshop. This was so insightful! I learnt about key business principles, campaign timelines and the tools you need to execute a great campaign. We even got his book ‘Oversubscribed’ to further develop our knowledge and understand entrepreneurship to a deeper degree!

Overall, Pierre and Emmanuel executed the event marvellously and I wish them all the best!

I was recommended by a friend to apply for Aspinect Futures, and I was very pleased to be selected as a finalist to take part in the first Aspinect Futures Event. Meeting Emmanuel and Pierre prior to the event, was really encouraging because I was inspired by their drive and vision for Aspinect, which in turn made me very confident about my project idea. Public speaking is not my strongest point, so pitching my idea to the panel of judges was very nerve racking.

However the experience pushed me out of comfort zone, which I’m glad Aspinect provided me with the opportunity to do so. Even though my project was not selected as a winner, I was able to network with some inspiring entrepreneurs and innovators, in addition to being invited to the CDE programme with Dent Global by Daniel Priestley himself.