Introducing: Aspinect.

Aspire + Connect = AspiNect

AspiNect is the brainchild of two young ambitious men from North West London. At its heart is opportunity. The equality of it. Recognising that the creative landscape in the UK can be misrepresentative of its incredible mix of people, AspiNect is aiming to balance the state of play to give everybody an opportunity for their ideas to shine.

AspiNect is a truly unique platform in the fact that it’s currency is people. Not cash. But human beings. It believes in the power that each person has to bring about great change within their communities. Locally, regionally, globally. The platform aims to have a domino effect, for the projects it funds to inspire people to bring about a lasting change. It dispels the idea that a ‘dream’ must be this single-minded thing that we believe them to be. It doesn’t make your dream any less amazing if it requires the help of others to make it come to life. In fact, it makes it the opposite! It makes it even stronger. By connecting people and sharing the vision it gives a chance to touch more lives and have more of an impact.

In today’s world, anybody can be a celebrity. It takes one retweet. Then another. Then a few more. Then bang! Your phone has crashed due to all the notifications popping off. We live and experience through a subconscious lens. We do things and think about the value they may have on social media. ‘’This will get a few likes!’’. This state of mind is skewering our experiences of the world and is deafening the magic that lies in truly connecting with one and other. Now don’t get me wrong, I too can be guilty of this. I’d be a hypocrite if I said otherwise. But what I think is so special about AspiNect is how it aims to use social media as just a tool, and not the final destination. They’ve looked at social media, seen it’s benefits, the ease at which you can spread a message to a wide group of people. But its link ends just there. The founders are championing the old way of connecting with people, but are using new methods to achieve their goals.

I look at this platform, at its simplicity and I think ‘why has this taken so long?’ Then I look at the state of our politicians and government and realise. Sadly, if we ever left our dreams in their hands, they’d remain in the notes section of our smartphones. Beneath the aims of making our society a more balanced one, there is also a strong business model holding AspiNect together. Making it all the more impressive.

One of the founders saw how fleeting this life can be when a school friend sadly had theirs cut short. It was this experience that instilled this mantra of enduring positivity and a drive to create real opportunities for people so they can leave a footprint on this earth.
AspiNect don’t believe in ‘not being ready’. AspiNect is like Mesut Ozil. Creating the perfect foundation for you to go and score #goals. If you have an idea, one that you believe in and one that you believe can do good for many, then stop wasting time and let’s start making your dreams come true. Together.