How to submit successful entries

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The Applicant

Applicants must be between the ages of 17-25.
Strict age requirement, applicant must be 17 years of age at time of deadline date. Proof of age will be required at time of event. Applicants who do not fall in to the age requirement will not be allowed to participate.

Applicants must have an idea or initiative which will help to impact the community. Projects can be for profit but applicant must show how they will create positive social change. We want to see projects and organisations which will proactively bring change within local or global communities.

Applicants must submit either a PowerPoint presentation or a video/animation between 1-3 minutes. This presentation or video must explain how the applicant will use the cash prize to bring some form of social change or assistance to a community cause. Please see submission form on website for guidance on questions/areas that should be covered. The following questions should be answered:

  • What is the aim of this project and what issues does this tackle?
  • How do you plan to impact the community with this project?
  • What assessments will be taken to ensure your project is making impact?
  • If you were to win the AspiNect Futures competition, how would you use your funding?

The Idea

PowerPoint must be a maximum of 5 slides.   Video content must not contain gory graphic imagery. All media accompanying files must be relevant to the aim of the organisation. Projects have free creative license, Aspinect endorses creativity.

Applicants can apply with any idea or initiative which must be honest.
What is your story? We’d like a brief background on the project and the submission must clearly explain why it will impact the community.

The idea or initiative must be original and innovative.

The idea or initiative must show adequate research has been made into competitors or similar projects.

The idea or initiative must have a long term effect on a community cause.

These ideas or initiatives must not have been started with any other organisation


Deadline for AspiNect futures is Friday 30th of September 8pm 2016.

Shortlist will be announced on Friday 14th of October 2016 at 8pm (only shortlisted members will be contacted for feedback and invited to present at the selection panel. Following the selection panel three projects will be shortlisted to present at the Aspinect futures event. The finalist will be expected to pitch their final project presentation to our panel judges.

The final three projects will be announced on Monday 24th October 2016 at 8pm.

Finalists will be required to be available from 6-10pm late November. (Date to TBC)
Finalists will be required to present their idea at the AspiNect futures event, in front of an audience.

All submissions should be sent to> Applicants must title their idea in the subject with AspiNect Futures: [Title of Idea or initiative] accompanied with PowerPoint or video.

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