AspiNect to the world – A small initiative started in a bedroom with worldly ambition.

“All great thinkers are initially ridiculed – and eventually revered.”
― Robin S. Sharma

A wise man once said that ideas are the new currency and in fact that statement is now more valid than ever before. The world is moving at a pace that no one could ever imagine and technology is advancing at an exceptional rate. However, the world has still not accepted the creative ideas of all individuals and we believe that there should be an opportunity for people from every walk of life to take their ideas to the world!

Have you ever faced a situation where you needed a quick resource…without the hassle but you did not have the funding to support you? Perhaps your local youth club was looking a bit shabby and you needed painter with an eye for design? Maybe you’re competing in a charity marathon and you need a group of runners or perhaps a cash fund towards your cause? Or maybe you’ve desired to start a business or start an interesting project; however you can’t find a team or source of crowdfunding? Well AspiNect aims to be the go to platform and solution to all those problems.

AspiNect is a social enterprise created by two individuals with a hunger for change and a vision to impact society through positive ideas. AspiNect was established to bring about a ‘change in society which will last for generations.’ The vision was created in a bedroom in London with the sole purpose of ‘connecting a nation to inspire generations’. We believe in investing in people to bring their project ideas to life to eventually give them the chance to invest in others.

AspiNect aspires to be the go to website which brings individuals together, create, develop and execute project ideas until completion. We want to establish a unique brand which helps people make their project ideas a reality and hope to do so through our various inspirational initiatives and our annual AspiNect Futures competition.

AspiNect Futures will be launching this year in partnership with The Funding Network and is on the lookout for big ideas which will ‘impact the community’. If you are aged between 17-25 and have a passion for an idea that you think bring an impact to society we want to hear from you! The best two project ideas will receive a project start up fund of £1,000 each plus additional funding from crowdfunding at the grand finale event in November. The prize fund will be used to help the winners kickstart their project idea and as a means of bringing their idea to life!

People crave change, we need it, and your idea could be the catalyst to bringing that change. Do not delay.