A small drop in a big ocean

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

Significance is a term used to describe the necessity of a thing or someone, In relation to its level of use to something or someone. However the term can be used in regards too many meanings relating to worth, consequence or impact.

How much impact will a drop of water make if it’s taken out of the ocean? Not much right…But I ask myself what this living thing really is about. Do you ask yourself the same question? At times I glance at the beauties this world has to offer and ask. What for? What was I put on this planet to do? I’m confident that I’m not the only one who asks this exact question. There is nothing wrong with that question-it brings out the humanity in you.

That question raises many points relating to the factor of significance. We do not get many years in this life unfortunately for some those years are cut short. However from conception we’ve been connected with people and objects in this world.

Our parent’s, Grandparent’s, friends, siblings and even their associates were connected with you in one way or another from the moments they were informed of your birth.
Your grandmother cried and caressed the new form of joy added to the family tree. Your uncle’s and aunties rushed to the hospital at word of your arrival. Your parent’s associates noted the day of your birth to ensure they wished you a happy birthday the year after.

Unfortunately these thoughts are either forgot or not seen as important. We allow ourselves to be consumed by the necessity of more.
The media has a strong grip on the conscious of individuals in society. Our mind sometimes plays games with us and because we lack the gilts and glam. We subconsciously believe we lack worth or significance.

So that takes me back to us or you drops of water and this big ocean we commute in daily. If you were taken out would your significance diminish? If you evaporated in to the clouds or faded in to the atmosphere would you go unnoticed?

Of course it bloody would. You’re a person not a drop of water. If you were dropped in the ocean, someone would be out there looking for you. If you were taken out, search parties would notice you’re no longer there.

I think this has always been in the subconscious. Significance, legacy, worth, importance, necessity and connection.