A few words from Tayla

Hi, my name’s Tayla and I am a host for Aspinect TV. 2 weeks ago I did my first interview at Kick and Munch, in Camden. Naturally, I was half anxious and half excited, simply because I didn’t know which direction the interview would go in; it could’ve went REALLY well or REALLY bad. However, quickly after meeting the owner of the restaurant I relaxed and was able to conduct the entire interview, happily, as myself.

This interview said quite a lot about Aspinect as a whole for me. I’m not the most confident person out there so interviewing would’ve never been an option for me because the idea of having cameras focusing on me was terrifying, but Aspinect helped me feel at ease. If it wasn’t for Aspinect I would’ve never discovered a talent that I wasn’t aware that I even possessed, so I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity that was handed to me. I, actually, can’t wait for another interview to come my way now because, personally, I believe that confidence is one of the biggest barriers between young people and success and with every interview I am hoping that I’ll become slightly more confident in my inquisition and abilities.

I want to speak a little more on the young people in today’s generation, solely because I don’t feel like we’re spoken about enough (or spoken about accurately). I feel as though every time young people are mentioned nowadays and it passes the ear of someone from an older generation, a feeling of disappointment or disgust bounces off of them and it’s actually quite saddening. I, honestly, believe that every single young person has the potential to become the next big thing, and that goes for the all-A* students AND the students who don’t attend school at all because they don’t feel as if it’s for them, because everybody has a talent. The big issue surrounding young people today is that we’re not exactly handed things on a plate because everyone expects better of us, or for us to know better, so the expectations are set extraordinarily high. Obviously, there are those young people that succumb to the idea of us NEVER being good enough and those who decide to knock these stereotypes on the head. And unbeknownst to many, the only difference between these two sets of people is CONFIDENCE…

And that’s where Aspinect came into play for me. Aspinect challenges those young people who begin to believe that they’ll never be good enough in a variety of ways, whether it’s through giving them opportunities, like myself, or helping them find confidence through seeing others prosper. Aspinect believes in the young people that many doubt, they believe in the young people who doubt themselves and they actively push those who believe in themselves to conquer the world one step at a time.